"When you lose a loved one, you live in a very cold, dark place and your stay there can feel like an eternity." - Doris Botma.

When a child dies, parents come to face the incomprehensible. They will utter the following words: "Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that my child would die before me, I was supposed to die before him / her! I mean, that's how it's supposed to work right? "

The death of a child is perhaps the worst loss a parent can endure in this lifetime. How can any parent be prepared for the shock a son or daughter's death brings. Just ask any parent and they'll probably say: "I can't even imagine ... I will not survive ... I'll never be the same again." Nothing can compare to the indescribable pain that overwhelms you when your child dies and then having to deal with the hopelessness and the intense missing that accompanies it, is just unbearable. And although parents survive this tragedy, this loss changes their lives forever!

This book will not only help you process the death of your child or loved ones but it will also encourage you to stand up again and start a new normal with your life. I can say for sure, with God's help, there is a new normal after a child's death. My life and many other parents who have gone through the same process, can testify to this. All glory to God!

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